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Peruvian And Texel Guinea Pigs Playing On Patio

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This is a video of just a typical early evening on the Patio - a fun family time where we both get to give all the little critters -- feathered and furry -- lots of love and attention and before 'treat time' with veggies and fruits for the bunnies and guinea pigs

Juliette, the new Texel Guinea Pig is earning Phoebe's (Peruvian Guinea Pig) trust and friendship. When we got Juliette, she was only 3 months old and half the size of Phoebe.She's growing so fast that her body is nearly as big as. Phoebe, who is 2 years old and Juliette, 5 months old. Phoebe is about 2.5 pounds and Juliette is 1.5 pounds.

So, the 2 piggies love playing a little game I like to call: "FOLLOW THE BUTT" and exploring the patio. The bunnies, Kasper & Angel, are nearby and at one point Kasper gets jealous that I'm not paying enough attention to him. He ended up digging at my back and giving me a 'love nip' to get my attention. If you look closely, right after I show Kasper at my back, (around 2:23) you will see Keiko (Quaker) in the upper left for 1 second trying to make her way over to me. She was walking on the floor, but decided there was too much going on and made her way back to her cage.

You can hear the Cockatiels on the bottlebrush tree playstand -- (this is their time on the tree stand as the Conures, Quakers, and Lovebird get to hang out on it during the day). You can also hear the Sun Conure-Sunny and the Nanday Conure- Airel --- whom I've dubbed "Mots" (Mouth of the South), the Lovebird- Lovey, and the Quakers- Keiko & Kamali in the background.

Lacey and Stofer, our 2 dogs had to get into the action -- "Play with me too!!!". Especially Lacey and her ball. She loves to play fetch with any little ball - she barks with it in her mouth and even on occasion has been caught sleeping with it in her mouth. Such a sweet silly dog. Stofer is seen being guardian over the little critters roaming around and making sure they are ok and smell the right way....