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Tips for Trimming your Long-haired Guinea Pig!

Dislike0 Published on2 Feb 2014

Advice on cutting the hair of long-haired piggies, including texels, shelties/silkies, alpacas, peruvians, coronets and lunkayras!

Top tips:
* Take your piggie to a quiet room away from the noises of their cagemates.
* Use sharp, but preferably safety scissors.
* To keep an agitated piggie calm, stroke them often, avoid pulling on the hair - even a tiny pulling sensation that we might not even realise we're doing could make them jump away. Be patient, take it slow and give them a break halfway through if needed!
* Ever so gently lift hair up ready to cut, and around the rear using the scissors alone will help make it more comfortable for your piggie.
* With them on your lap, support them in the crook of your elbow whilst you trim around their bum!

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