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***EXPAND FOR MORE INFO & FAQs*** Even though I've had guinea pigs for over 20 years, I'm still forever learning about these sweet animals! I love them dearly and continue to look to improve in every way possible, so my pigs can enjoy a healthy happy life with us always! Here are our guinea pigs, and their current grooming and set-up.

We don't keep them in a cage, I like my piggies to have plenty of space to run and play, there seemed to be some confusion with the size of our pigs total cage and run space, it's 10' x 5'. This is an excellent size space for 2 pigs. Not to mention, as long as they're supervised our babies are free to come out and play in the living room as they please. Everyone has different ideas of how to care for their pigs, that's great, feel free to share how you like to care for your pigs in the comments.


How often do you bath a Guinea Pig?
Only when necessary, generally once every couple of months. We recommend using Gorgeous Guineas.

What do they eat?
Our pigs prefer Sunburst Guinea Pig pellets, Timothy hay, plenty of fresh veggies, leafy greens, grass, fruit, fresh clean water (we give ours spring water) they need all of this on a daily basis. Don't forget to supplement their diet with vitamin C drops or tablets for Guinea Pigs.

What type of bedding should I use?
We recommend a 50/50 blend of Aspen wood shavings and paper bedding, this is both safe and highly absorbent. DO NOT use pine, cedar, hay, straw or other aromatic types of wood shavings. These can harm a Guinea Pig's respiratory system.

Do they bite or fight?
Generally Guinea Pigs are very sweet and even tempered. However during their adolescent years they may test you by nipping but most pigs grow out of this stage. They may also nip at each other when food is involved. Most of the time Guinea Pigs get along with each other. Sows (females) usually get along well with each other. Boars (males) may have a tendency to fight more with each other, especially if they were not raised together.

Where should I purchase´╗┐ a guinea pig?
I recommend finding a good breeder in your area, where you can go see the pigs and their surroundings in person. You want to make sure they're coming from a healthy´╗┐ environment. If you can't get in touch with a local breeder, checkout locally owned pet stores, ask if they buy their pigs from local breeders only. I would avoid big chain pet stores, depending on where their pigs are from, more often than not, they're unhealthy.

I want to get a Guinea Pig, but do I really need two?
YES. Never own just one Guinea Pig. Guinea Pigs are social animals, they NEED other Guinea Pig friends.

I already have one Guinea Pig but I want to get it a friend, what do I do?
Make sure to find a healthy pig. It's best to buy from a local breeder where you can make sure the pig is coming from a happy, healthy environment. BUT even then you'll need to quarantine the new pig, meaning keep them completely separated for a couple weeks to be sure it's fully healthy, then you can slowly introduce them to each other. Introducing pigs that did not grow up together is easier to do with sows (females).