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All My Pets 2018 | Happy Tails Zoo

Dislike0 Published on12 Feb 2018

This video features every single one of my pets! I live in my own personal zoo! This is not a real zoo, this is just our pets in our private home.
Learn more about these animals:

Farm Tour

Pet Room Tour

Alpacas & Llamas

Mini Pigs (Petunia)

Parrots including Barry

Corgi Puppies


Rainbow’s Horse QnA

Sugar Glider Care

Adoption Stories

Beastie the sugar glider passed away after I edited this video but before it was uploaded. :(

Other pets you may feel are missing…
I had a very bad fruit fly problem with my snail tank and decided to give them to a friend for their green house.
Since my elderly ferrets passed away, I decided to give Oreo to a friend who was looking for a companion for their ferret. Caring for elderly and ill ferrets was emotionally exhausting and I am happy they were able to have a good retirement with me, I will not be getting more ferrets in the future.
The baby rabbits I rescued were adopted and are happily living together!

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